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Independent sports and remedial massage therapists

We are an independent clinic specialising in treating soft tissue injuries and working with sports people. By remaining small and independent we offer continuity of treatment by ensuring your treatment can be undertaken by the same person. In those instances where this is not possible, we are all trained through the same system and undertake further studies every year. While some of our skills may differ, we all work to the same fundamental principle which is to offer a remedial solution to your problem.

We play sports

This is as key to us as a chef tasting his own cooking. To know what tissue feels like after a hard interval session and how sensitive it is to treatment is like over-salting food and not tasting it before serving it. To this end we push our bodies to know how you feel - actually we're just crazy about sports and love working with sports people who do the same. Please don't feel like we don't care about you if you don't play sport, we get to lurk over computers too and know the groaning aches and pain too, so will apply our treatments with this knowledge in mind.

15 years in the City

We've been in the City of London for 15 years and have seen all the highs and lows that go with it. We can only think we've survived the ups and downs by being passionate about fixing problems, working to find solutions to your problems and listening to what you're saying and how your body is responding to our treatments. Feel free to tell us if there's something we're missing, we're happy to listen and change our thinking if there's a better way of doing things.

Continuity of treatment

There is nothing more frustrating that needing to explain your issue on every appointment or being sent from pillar to post, not knowing who is going to treat you. When you rebook with us, if you are going to see someone else in our team, we'll let you know. We keep treatment notes so you won't need to give us the whole story again. We've chosen our team carefully and we all work in a similar way, so if you like our style of treatment, you won't find a huge difference between the way we work.

Updating our skills

There is some really interesting stuff happening in the world of soft tissue work (general term for what we do). We love to keep our knowledge up-to-date and if we can find a more effective way of sorting out a problem we'll implement it. For instance some of the fasical fitness work we are doing is showing changes in tissue in 3 weeks, where previously it would have taken us 4 months to treat. Our calf-complaining clients are using these techniques and we've seen them back on the road in the shortest time in all the years we've been treating - this makes us ecstatic, poorer but happier.

Sports Massage Zone

Sports Massage Zone - Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Bank EC2
3rd Floor (Bell Court Dental Practice)
1 Throgmorton Avenue
London EC2N 2JJ



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