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12 January 2013 In Services

We spend a huge amount of time training our muscles and lungs, however many of the injuries we get are in our fascia or connective tissue. It formsĀ  a large part of our biomechanical function or movement, yet we neglect this vital part of our bodies. In standard medical training fascia is removed so we can see the "vital" workings of the body, yet it forms an important part of the information highway in our bodies, along with load balancing our structure and key fluid movement in tissue.

12 January 2013 In Deskbound

Being stuck behind a desk all day can play havoc with your sports, learning little tricks to keep your body from seizing up when you start training, ramp up your efforts or need to put some effort into the weekend chores.

12 January 2013 In Marathon

First marathon or veteran, at some point outside assistance is going to be needed, whether it is putting some life back into tired legs, treating an injury or getting some advice on the many areas related to running a marathon. Nothing beats experience, we learn from it, adapt and try again. Or we join a club and dip into the wealth of knowledge others have gained.

12 January 2013 In Running

Starting running or getting back into running can be tough, especially if you are hoping to shed a few pounds. How do you stop the aches or niggles from hindering your progress. We have some simple advise to help you on your way.

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Sports Massage Zone

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