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12 January 2013 In Services

There's magic in this tape. Or so they say. But it's not magic, it works with the fascia offering a variety of ways to deal with dysfunctional tissue. We provide kinesio taping along with our treatments, if we feel it will benefit the tissue we will apply some at the end of the session. We provide kinesio taping as a part of our regular sports massage sessions in our Moorgate, Bank, Liverpool Street clinic.

12 January 2013 In Services

Our bodies are a massive interconnected network of connective tissue, using myofascial release in our treatments works areas beyond normal massage.

12 January 2013 In Services

Our sports massage clinic in Moorgate also offers remedial massage, for those who don't play sports but still need the benefits of a qualified sports massage therapist, we adapt our treatments to work with non-sports injuries. We are trained as Soft Tissue Therapists, a higher level of training then the industry standard of Sports Massage.

12 January 2013 In Services

Our sports massage clinic in Moorgate is a dedicated to providing you with the best sports massage techniques to get you back in good running order. We've provided sports massage in the City for 15 years and come highly recommended for fixing injuries and getting our sports and non-sports clients back to full fitness or function.

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Sports Massage Zone

Sports Massage Zone - Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Bank EC2
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