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London Marathon - sports massage

Emma came to see us towards the end of her marathon training when the miles ramped up. She was in quite a bit of pain and distressed in thinking she could not finish her training to run the marathon and all was lost.


Our treatment strategy

  • Found some muscle imbalances - gave remedial exercises
  • Treated some very tight muscle and fascia
  • Gave her a structured route back to training
  • Talked about mentally preparing for the marathon

As you can see from her sports massage review on the Real Buzz forum, she was back running by the end of the week and we're happy to report - she finished the marathon in 4:50, only 5 minutes down on her initial target time when she'd resigned herself to about 6 hours.

testimonial London Marathon sports massage

Sports Massage Zone

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Home / About / Testimonials / London Marathon - sports massage