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Marathon MOT - 3:27 marathon time

David came to see us at the start of his marathon training, it was his first marathon and he was interested in the Marathon MOT we offer as a proactive approach to preventing injuries. He continued receiving weekly treatments for the duration of his training.


What we treated

  • Initial treatment was our Marathon MOT
  • Ran our tests and gave remedial work for weak areas
  • Discussed his training plan and a sensible build up
  • Reviewed recovery aids to keep his training on track
  • Spoke in depth about food (a key element in recovery and swapped a few favourite recipes)
  • Early identification of areas tightening up - remedial techniques implemented to resolve
  • Discussed race strategy and mental preparation
  • All of which happened while we were massaging (we try and maximise hands-on time while discussing different topics)

Our strategy for the marathon was to run the second half faster than the first, being conservative in the first half. Not only did David manage this, but his last 3 miles were his quickest, coupled with a sub 3:30 time on his first attempt - for me this was The Perfect Marathon. Thanks of course to David for giving us the opportunity of working with him on such a great achievement, allowing us to be a part of the training process from the start and being able to add our knowledge to his training plan.

David's post marathon update



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