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Top sports massage recommendation

Matt was concerned the knee pain would hinder his marathon, we only had one shot at getting him race fit and out of pain. It's a risky strategy only leaving one session free to fix a problem, but thankfully for Matt it worked.

Our treatment strategy

  • Released fascial adhesions around knee and leg
  • Gave pre-marathon treatment to help with tired, heavy legs
  • Discussed some of the methods used by top sports scientists for running a PB

With only one session to help free up Matt's knee pain, we applied some of the latest research based fascial techniques to free up the restricted areas of movement. We were effectively able to deal with the symptoms to allow him to run the marathon, but did not have enough time to fix the underlying problems, which he accepted would still cause him pain after the marathon. Post marathon we ran our Marathon MOT to find the underlying biomechanical cause and resolve it with remedial exercises.

Sports Massage Zone

Sports Massage Zone - Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Bank EC2
3rd Floor (Bell Court Dental Practice)
1 Throgmorton Avenue
London EC2N 2JJ



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Home / About / Testimonials / Top sports massage recommendation