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What we treat

We specialise in treating soft-tissue, of which the symptoms can be quite vast. We don't diagnose problems and where we are unsure or are aware that the problem cannot be resolved with soft tissue work, we'll refer for further medical investigation.

We have some interesting case studies on treatments where we've helped clients avoid surgery or where they have struggled to find a resolution to their problem. We can't write all our cases up, so here are some of the other areas we've dealt with over the years. Many of our injuries are within the fascial system, our area of speciality, this explains why we see such good results when treating.

Issues we have resolved

  • Achilles tendon pain (saved a few clients from surgery)
  • Knee pain despite surgery and rehab (now back riding the bike and playing tennis)
  • Ongoing hamstring tears with muscle deformation (no pain and removed the divot in the leg or as they called it their "party trick")
  • ITB / Runners knee, ITBS (and without inflicting sever pain or bruising)
  • Lower back pain / sciatica
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches (as long as it's not pathological)
  • Scar tissue adhesions
  • Groin strain
  • Post surgery rehab (both remedial exercises and soft-tissue restoration)
  • Full knee replacement (return to normal working range of movement)
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Calf strains (plenty after barefoot running became fashionable)
  • Triceps tear in Channel swimmer
  • Pro-cyclist run over by truck - assisted in returning power to muscles (won National Champs and signed for HTC)
  • Tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, cyclist's elbow (yes it exists - interesting case)
  • Monday injuries (ask us about this one)
  • Hip instability from over-enthusiastic ITB foam-roller self-treatment
  • Hamstring inflexibility despite being "good" at stretching (oh how our bodies can cheat with the things we do)

Sports Massage Zone

Sports Massage Zone - Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Bank EC2
3rd Floor (Bell Court Dental Practice)
1 Throgmorton Avenue
London EC2N 2JJ



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