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Sports Massage Case Studies

Whilst we are interested in everyone who walks through our door, some cases are challenging, others interesting and some useful for regular issues which can be easily resolved. Our reputation is built on resolving issues and love nothing more than a challenging, unresolved problem and are happy to share some of these challenges with you in the hope that you may learn or understand injuries a little better.

Four weeks into training for the London Marathon, our runner started getting sensitivity in his Achilles tendon and first thing in the morning it felt stiff. He saw us at the start of training to get a Marathon MOT so we picked up this injury early.

Chronic back pain afflicts many of us especially with so many desk jobs requiring hours of sitting and not moving. Getting to the root cause of back pain may not be easy and this case study shows this to be the case. But with the right knowledge and a key understanding of human structural mechanics, fixing a "unsolvable" problem can happen.

A client was referred onto me with problems after having a full knee replacement. While the knee pain was largely resolved with surgery, two years after surgery the person was still not able to bend his knee much and this interfered with lining up his golf ball when putting.

While impact in cycling is low (as long as you stay upright), repetition on the other hand can wreck havoc on joints, muscles or fascia. Treating such issues requires an in-depth understanding of cycling, the changes made to bike set up and understanding how muscle imbalances can play a pivotal role in getting to the bottom of a bad cycle.

Four weeks before the London Marathon, months of training and hundreds of miles in the legs, this runner turned up on our door step via a referral. She was told her ITBS / runners knee was too severe and the recommendation was not to run the marathon. She'd continued running while receiving physio but there was no improvement in the injury, we changed this when she came to see us.

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