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Runners World, Men's Health, Channel 4, Cycling Active and Cycling.TV are some of the media channels we have worked with on articles either regarding sports massage or cycling. As the industry grows and moves, we are finding more and more interest in the articles we publish.


Runners World were researching whether sports massage works or not, what type of research is available to prove the benefits of sports massage and if anything, where are the differences in reality and research. Their lead into the article was based on analysis completed by Peta McSharry of some of the key research coming out a few years previously.

Ten hour training rides and many a long night spent in a barn on a turbo training for a distance record, made up much of the training schedule for David Harmon (Eurosport cycling Commentator) and Jez Hasting (wilderness guide). Injury at this point in training would mean an end to the record attempt, When a crash resulted in a torn Achilles tendon, getting back on track needed to happen instantly.

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