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Experience counts

First marathon or veteran, at some point outside assistance is going to be needed, whether it is putting some life back into tired legs, treating an injury or getting some advice on the many areas related to running a marathon. Nothing beats experience, we learn from it, adapt and try again. Or we join a club and dip into the wealth of knowledge others have gained.

My first marathon, well actually all my marathons, were run on shortened training plans, I find long slow runs worse than sticking needles in my eyes, so the only reason I finished was my stubbornness of not giving up and being mentally prepared to suffer the last 6 miles (but you don't need to). One of the things I did do was soak up the knowledge of experienced runners at my running club to make up my shortfall in training. Luckily these days we have the internet where we can tap into the knowledge of others. I still value the benefit of belonging to a running club and having the company on some longer runs (it saves on the needles).

If you're new to running marathons, this can feel like a daunting experience and despite the fact that so many people complete marathons, those first months of training still conjure up the fear of not being able to run a full marathon. Oddly enough, you'll get there, don't look too far ahead just take a look at a few weeks of your training plan, eat well (especially vegetables and proteins to help rebuild your tissue), keep hydrated and sadly you'll have to knock back on some of the social aspects and perhaps some of the other sports you play. But in the end you'll be glad you did. Oh and don't forgot to add some extra sleep into your day - you're going to need it.

Our principles for treating clients tend to be the same (apart from the needles in eyes), over the years of working with marathon runners, we have built a wealth of knowledge in treating injuries, we've tried, we've gone back and revisited what we have done and improved what we do. We've even run a few marathon's ourselves. Nothing can replace the knowledge you get from training and preparing for a marathon. It's with all this knowledge we treat our marathon runners, we want you to get to the start-line injury free and to help you to keep to your training plan.

 What do we offer our runners?

  • Treatment for running injuries
  • Marathon MOT
  • Alternative training during running injury
  • Remedial exercises
  • Race fuel advise
  • Race plan / advice
  • Recovery tips for marathon trainng
  • Stretching for runners
  • Mental preparation for a marathon

We cover these topics during our treatments as part of the service we offer, while our hands-on treatments are what you're paying us for, we love drawing on our experience as endurance athletes to give you the best chance of achieving your personal goals.

Peta McSharry

Peta McSharry is an experienced Sports and Remedial Massage therapist living in London who has been treating clients since 2004 and teaching bodywork since 2006. Her therapy is based on a good grounding in sports along with a structural approach to resolving issues.

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