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12 January 2013 In Marathon

First marathon or veteran, at some point outside assistance is going to be needed, whether it is putting some life back into tired legs, treating an injury or getting some advice on the many areas related to running a marathon. Nothing beats experience, we learn from it, adapt and try again. Or we join a club and dip into the wealth of knowledge others have gained.

12 January 2013 In Running

Starting running or getting back into running can be tough, especially if you are hoping to shed a few pounds. How do you stop the aches or niggles from hindering your progress. We have some simple advise to help you on your way.

12 January 2013 In Cycling

Cycling is booming and with an asymmetrical human attached to a symmetrical object, something is going to complain. While cycling is a great non-load bearing exercise, because bike set up has so many variables and our bodies are not symmetrical, getting to the bottom of a problem takes a good understanding of the many areas affecting our attachment to our bikes.

12 January 2013 In Case studies

Four weeks before the London Marathon, months of training and hundreds of miles in the legs, this runner turned up on our door step via a referral. She was told her ITBS / runners knee was too severe and the recommendation was not to run the marathon. She'd continued running while receiving physio but there was no improvement in the injury, we changed this when she came to see us.

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Sports Massage Zone

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