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After 15 years of sports massage and myofascial treatments, that's close to 20,000 hours of hands on time with Peta's clients, she gets to work on some very interesting cases. Many clients, especially those who are referred to Peta come because they are looking for a solution to a problem they have and are unable to find a permanent fix for the pain or niggles. Our aliments linger for a number of reasons and finding those reasons is key to how Peta treats and the success of getting people out of pain, playing sports better or recovering from major injury or surgery. Whilst we advertise as a sports massage therapists and possibly your here because you searched for sports massage, what we do is beyond sports massage. We'd like to give you an insight into the injuries Peta and her team treat and a little summary of some of the months we have in clinic. If you are suffering a long term issue previous seen by a physio or doctor but find the pain or the problem remains, please get in touch with Peta - or take a look at the reviews on Google.


Training for a marathon sees many clients coming in for a variety of treatments, some for injury, others for a general loosening up, while the proactive runners come in for an MOT to ward off any potential issues.

Sports Massage - runners knee

Dealing with knee pain when running is a common injury. Finding the route cause can take time. While it’s easy to give the injury a name: Chondromalacia Patella, Fat Pad Impingement, ITB pain (Illiotibia Band Friction Syndrome), Patella Tendonitis, Bursitis. Finding the root cause of a medical diagnosis can be more difficult because so many things can impact why an area is being aggravated. Over the last 15 years of successfully treating and resolving many runner’s knee issues, I’ve found certain movement patterns relating to knee pain in running. As part of my treatment for runners, I will look for those deviating movements and offer remedial exercises to help or suggest options to get you strengthened up to support your body for running. I view resolving these knee issues as a two pronged approach to resolving the problem: I will free up the areas restricting free movement or areas that are restricting your muscles from firing off correctly, while I’ll highlight areas that need to be engaged, strengthened or switched on - this is work you’d need to do and again I’ll suggest which may suit you best - pilates, a carefully structured weight training plan, some yoga. I understand the demands of modern day life and the time constraints we have as athletes, so the work I give you to do will be easy to follow and will not take up a huge amount of your daily routine. 


Myofascial Release for pain relief

As an endurance cyclist (we’re talking about riding 600km in a weekend, non-stop). I know how much pain can affect work and getting back to work on a Monday and  how a stiff neck affects how I move. If I had to sit at a desk in a fixed position, I’d be in more pain than if I was moving. Much of the neck pain I see in clinic comes from sitting at a computer screen. The sports massage and Myofascial Release we do in clinic seeks out these stuck parts of the muscle and fascia, finding them can seem like a needle in a haystack, but a sport massage or Myofascial therapist with years of knowledge can hone in very quickly. As a client you know the exact spot when the therapist moves over a problem area. I get a huge amount of massage treatment and will try out a few different places to compare how we are doing relative to out clients. I’m always left frustrated when the epicentre of my problems is just brushed over by the therapist. I’ve even given big clues like “oh yes that’s the spot” but they drift off to another part they’d prefer to treat. So when you come to see me, I’m determined to find the epicentre of that spot that is causing the problem. It may not always be the spot where your pain shows up, but when I hit the centre of the problem, I get a verbal affirmation from most of my clients and invariable it feels connected to the spot that is causing pain. Recently one of my clients mentioned they were getting tingling in their fingers and toes. To say their back was like an ironing board would be an understatement. When I got onto the spot along their spine that was really bound up, the tingling increased and once I’d freed it up and it soften, the tingling went. Again this reaffirms my belief that freeing up problems on a more permanent basis is more about hitting the right spots rather than applying as much force as possible over a large area. 


Comrades Marathon - sports massage

We’re happy to report all our Comrades Marathon runners made it through, it was an up run this year, a slightly kinder direction on the knees, so none of our returning runners suffered any knee pain or that dreaded runners knee cased by ITB pain. The Comrades is 86km, going through the Valley of a 1000 hills from Durban to Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. Running down hill is much harder in the Quads (front thigh muscles) and this can affect the knees. We do Marathon MOTs to help clients building distance. This entails testing some key muscle function needed to control the knees during running. A look at your posture and structure (basically how your body twists and turns caused by tightness in the fascia) we can assess where to release tight areas and give effective stretches to target specific areas). Many clients are stretching, but the stretch may be missing a part of the deeper muscle/fascia structure. A slight tweak in how you position your body in the stretch may target the area that’s causing tightness. We’re aiming to not just massage the area causing pain, but to find underlying, often hidden, problem areas and give a targeted approach to resolve the problem. The runners completing the Comrades Marathon were a mixture of long term clients - some who originally came to see us for Achilles tendon problems, which we resolved via structural analysis, Myofascial Release and general sports massage, then armed them with targeted muscle activation and stretching - to new clients presenting with some niggles in the few weeks before the race. Training for a double marathon can be hard on the body and we’re there to use all the tools at our disposal to help.


Are you training for an ultramarathon or the Etape, Paris-Brest-Paris or any other ultra event? We’re out there suffering with you, so know how to help. Drop in to our Liverpool Street Sports Massage clinic, Peta is an ultra-distance cyclist and retired ultra-runner, she can pass on many of tips from her experiences or just help settle those pre-race nerves.

Tammy plays netball, weight trains and has worked with pro footballers, she’ll get you back up and running. 

Unsure whether you need a Sports Massage or Myofascial Release treatment, please let us know when you text to book in, let us know your ailment and we can suggest the best route for you.


In order of numbers over the month, here are our top hot spots for sports massage near me:

Sports Massage Moorgate

We are close Moorgate Tube station, between Moorgate Road and Old Broad Street. Finsbury Circus is just across the road from our clinic, close to Close Brothers on Throgmorton Avenue and Deutsche Bank on London Wall. The door to our building is on London Wall. 


Sports Massage Liverpool Street

It is a 3 minute walk from Liverpool Street station to our sports massage clinic on London Wall, near the Blomfield Road junction, look for the Cafe Nero across from KO Box, we’re next to Cafe Nero.


Sports Massage Bank

Bank Tube station is an easy 5-8 minute walk to our Sports Massage Liverpool Street clinic, depending on where you are in Bank, Usually the quickest way is to walk from Bank to Sports Massage Zone Moorgate than to jump on the tube.


Sports Massage near me

Looking for a sports massage near me? Sometimes travelling a little further to a clinic that has good reviews on Google is worth the travel time. We’ve had clients from all over coming to us because our clients have been kind enough to detail our work in their Google reviews. 


Sports Massage Old Street

It’s a little further to get to us for a myofascial release from Old Street, there are railings you can lock your bike to if you cycle over.


Sports Massage Spitalfields

It’s not far from Spitalfields, to get a remedial massage with us, head past Liverpool street station and you’ll find us on London Wall.


Sports Massage St Pauls

It’s an 8-10 walk to come in for Myofascial Release or sports massage near me if you’re coming from St Paul’s and Cheapside, it’s an 8-10 walk to come in for Myofascial Release or sports massage near me.


And some of the more distant places, we have visitors from Paris, Romford, Kensington,London Bridge, Wandsworth and a few cyclists from Putney and Richmond.


If you suffer acute pain or a long term injury we don’t mind where you come from, we’d be delighted to get you back on the road to recovery. 


Our Sports Massage clinic near Liverpool Street and Moorgate had a busy start to the year, helped by the mild weather and increasing numbers of clients going skiing over the festive season as well as increasing numbers if people running early season marathons and half marathons. We've been getting many requests for our Marathon MOT, to pre-empt any issues before the miles ramp up.

Our Sports Massage clinic at Bank, Liverpool Street and Moorgate treats clients for a variety of injuries or desk related neck and back pain. Finding a sports massage therapist to target the areas causing pain can be difficult. One of the most common things ours clients say is “that’s the spot”, meaning it’s the part of the muscle or fascia where the pain stems from, this can be different from where they feel pain when moving. Find that deep seated problem area takes knowledge and skill, but also knowing how the body ties together and how movement channels throughout the body.

Our Sports Massage clinic near Liverpool Street and Moorgate had a busy start to the year, helped by the mild weather and increasing numbers of clients going skiing over the festive season as well as increasing numbers if people running early season marathons and half marathons.

2018 was another great year for us at our Sports Massage Clinic in Moorgate. Not just in the numbers of people coming to see us, but the variety of injuries, postural issues, pain and dysfunction we get to treat. From the more common sitting at a desk problem with necks and backs, to the more unusual improving the range of movement after a full knee replacement, post-cancer surgery recovery, running injuries, cycling injuries, whiplash type injuries, those pesky reoccurring groin strains. We are always happy to hear from our clients when we've managed to get them pain-free, back placing sports, helping their legs feel like new for a race. It puts a smile on our faces and that's worth more than an annual bonus in the City.

Our Moorgate Sports Massage therapists treated some interesting cases in November. Our fascial treatments form a large part of our sports massage service, Peta’s training and 15 years experience give her a good knowledge of your body’s biomechanics, this allows her to get to the root cause of issues. We also have Tammy in clinic, she has a level 5 diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy (the same qualification as Peta). You'll be hearing more about Soft Tissue Therapy. as the Sports Massage market became diluted with qualifications not requiring a regulated diploma, it is hard for clients to understand whether someone advertising sports massage has a weekend course or has a full year plus study towards a diploma. The Associations offering the highest level of qualification (The ISRM and SMA) took the decision to rebrand their Sports Massage courses to reflect the depth of knowledge their courses offer - they choose Soft Tissue Therapy as a new way of raising the sports massage level offered. In essence this is sports massage, however it is underpinned with a solid knowledge base in Anatomy and Physiology, along with remedial training, essentially this looks at dysfunction and offers ways to restore your muscular system back to a standard operating mode.

Our sports massage clinic experiences seasonal changes throughout the year, marathon season tends to be March / April and October / November. New York marathon is the big draw card in the autumn but many others are popping up and with more clients running half marathons, it's a busy time for runners. We've seen an increase in clients coming from Bank for sports massage, due to changes in services in their area. It's a short walk from Bank station to our clinic, so we welcome the new opportunities. I'll start introducing some of the work I do with myofascial release or myofascial therapy, if you've read the reviews about Peta on Google, you'll know she has a reputation for fixing problems, this comes from her 15 years experience as a myofascial therapist.

Back from the Silk Road Mountain Race, mentally refreshed though still feeling the effects of the 800km of hard racing kilometres in my legs, it was great to see so many of my regular clients back in clinic. The increase in endurance sport brings us many clients needing ongoing help in recovery. The toll taken when doing longer training sessions of requires some myofascial or sports massage intervention and over this season a number of endurance swimmers sought our help. As an endurance athlete myself, I understand the mental effort required to finish these events resulting in my hands-on session including some mental preparation too.

Our Moorgate sports massage clinic is always busy with interesting injuries to fix, we get many referrals from our existing clients for both sports and non-sports muscular problems. But that’s not all we do, Peta is a myofascial therapist and it is this training that allows her to fix injuries rather than treat symptoms and the reason you may have read her Google Reviews. Many of us live with ongoing issues thinking this is just how we are built, or inherited it from our parents. Changing these problems is a team effort and we see many clients who are keen to put in some work to fix their ailments. Many instances clients are doing the remedial exercises and foam rolling regularly but the problem remains. It is in these cases Peta often finds a gap in the remedial program preventing the recovery from injury. August saw Peta out of clinic for much of the time as she headed to Kyrgyzstan to do the Silk Road Mountain Race, a beast of an off-road race over 1,700km. Instead of a monthly clinic summary, Peta will talk about instances where clients were doing remedial exercises and foam rolling but not seeing any results. This month she’ll talk about a common runners and cyclists complaint:

Sports Massage Zone

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