Sports Massage Moorgate - fixing injuries December 2018

2018 was another great year for us at our Sports Massage Clinic in Moorgate. Not just in the numbers of people coming to see us, but the variety of injuries, postural issues, pain and dysfunction we get to treat. From the more common sitting at a desk problem with necks and backs, to the more unusual improving the range of movement after a full knee replacement, post-cancer surgery recovery, running injuries, cycling injuries, whiplash type injuries, those pesky reoccurring groin strains. We are always happy to hear from our clients when we've managed to get them pain-free, back placing sports, helping their legs feel like new for a race. It puts a smile on our faces and that's worth more than an annual bonus in the City.

Ski season - sports massage helps

December is a great month for sports massage, many clients are gearing up for the ski season, getting strength training in before the big week. We see many clients looking to recover from DOMs (that two day muscle soreness you get after a heavy weight training session). There was some good research on increase in adaptation to training load when suffering DOMs, essentially they were saying your body adapts more to the load if you suffer the DOMs, but this only works if you can get in your next set of training in when it’s scheduled. Overdo a session and it could mean skipping your next session because you are in too much pain. We see this happen with that panic training for a ski holiday, so I am happy to help relieve the DOMs in our clients so they can training again on time.


Marathon training - think about Myofascial Release 

The delay in cold weather also meant our running and cycling clients were still out clocking up some good miles on the road. For the runners getting into London Marathon means they are kick starting their training in December. For novice runners this brings up muscle and joint pain they’re not used to. We alway advise to seek advise if something doesn’t feel right. This means I can spot biomechanical imbalances early and give corrective exercises before the miles ramp up. Myofascial Therapy is very well suited to marathon runners, with a focus on balancing the load diverted through the structures which carry that load in your body, you can get ahead of any issues that may arise when the milage kicks up a notch.


Early season marathons

I was taken by surprise with some marathon runners coming in for a sports massage after doing 20 miles in January or February. This is normally unusual for this time of year, hiwever when asking about the race dates it seems more and more marathons are popping up very early season and runners are coming in with injuries we normally only see end of mMarch or April. Obviously we’re delighted to help this early in the year and are always inspired by how many more people are running marathons. Remember to keep on top of those early training niggles, you want your body working nice and symmetrical before the miles ramp up.


Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP)

For those who may not have heard of PBP, it’s the oldest race on the cycling calendar, first run in 1891. It now runs every 4 years as a reliability ride - that means you have to sort yourself out iver the 3 or 4 days you ride 1,200km. 2019 is a PBP year,  so cyclists will be needing to qualify over 4 distances to be able to ride PBP. After completing a 200km, 300km, 400km, 600km (mostly non-stop - there are controls where you can eat and grab a nap if you need to) riders will take on the 1,200km in August. Those distances take their toll on the body, so we’re expecting to see a number of riders passing through our doors in 2019. I’m sure I’ll be one of them making use of my colleagues after those big rides.


Thanks for 2018

All thanks left for us to say is a massive thanks to all our clients in 2018, we love helping out with sports massage, myofascial therapy, structural integration and a dash of sports psychology when you need that little extra motivation to get over the finish-line. 


No thanks to Google

Google is always a challenge for small businesses and staying ahead if the crowd is hard work and at times expensive, so when Google shrank the area businesses could be found on Google Maps, we had clients reporting that they could find us, even those just on the other side of Moorgate. We are lucky to have a large word-of-mouth client base who supported us until we got a handle on the changes Google made. So we’re really happy when clients who are not in the Sports Massage Moorgate catchment area come though our door. These are often clients who have a specific issue they need resolving and have found us through content rather than location.

Where our clients come from

In order of numbers over the year, here are our top area searches:

Sports Massage Moorgate

If you are looking for a sports massage in Moorgate, we are easy to get to from the City and are located close to Moorgate and Liverpool Street tubes. We provide a service to help with sports injuries or problems from dead pain and see many clients in our Moorgate Sports Massage clinic. 

Sports Massage Liverpool Street

Come to see us for a sports massage if you work near Liverpool Street, we provide a quick and easy way to book in for a sports massage and are easy to find from Liverpool Street and Moorgate tube stations.

Sports Massage Bank

We are a short walk from Bank and provide a service to our clients from the Bank area, we've been treating clients for 15 years, so know the problems City workers have with sports injuries and desk related shoulder pain.

Sports Massage near me

If you need a good clinic that provides a good sports massage near me, then we are here to help get you back in good working order.

Sports Massage Old Street

Hop on your bike or walk over from Old Street to book in for a sports massage, we help many clients in the area and are covered by the medical aid which offer health benefits, like Healthshield and Bupa Cash.

Sports Massage Spitalfelds

We're a short walk via Liverpool Street to get to our sports massage clinic from Spitalfields. We provide receipts for clients claiming their sports massage near me from one of the Healthcover providers.

Sports Massage St Pauls

Our client base in St Pauls keeps us busy providing sports massage to those working close to St Pauls. Its an easy walk to get to us via Cheapside, Bank or Moorgate. 

And some of the more distant places people came from:




South Africa



In the end we don’t mind where you come from, if you have acute pain or a long term injury, we’d be delighted to get you back on the road to recovery. 

Peta McSharry

Peta McSharry is an experienced Sports and Remedial Massage therapist living in London who has been treating clients since 2004 and teaching bodywork since 2006. Her therapy is based on a good grounding in sports along with a structural approach to resolving issues.

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