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Myofascial release

Our bodies are a massive interconnected network of connective tissue, using myofascial release in our treatments works areas beyond normal massage.

Myofasical Release

Remove everything but the connective tissue in our bodies and we would look like a giant loofah. This connective tissue gives our body its fundamental structure, however a pull in one area will affect the network in different location. Myofascial release not only treats this very responsive tissue, but corrects problems within our structure which cause problems.

While this has just become a hit on the foam-rolling circuit, it's an area we've been studying and treating for nearly a decade and forms the backbone of our treatment techniques. Myofascial release is to bodywork, as Apps are to mobile technology. We could get very geeky here and wax lyrical, like our technological counterparts this is where the really exciting stuff is happening. We have learnt more in the last few years through quality research into fascia which is now backing and giving us an understanding of the changes we see when we use myofascial release. We know it works, now were finding out why.

When treating with our myofascial-release caps on, we are applying structural thinking, similar to an engineer, along with an understanding of the various components we are affecting when we start treating: this includes the structure (your body), the tissue (all the cabling holding you together); the nervous system and fluid movement within tissue. Some of the symptoms our bodies display may not always be understood in a traditional medicine sense because it exists within the fascial system. In traditional medical training, this tissue is stripped out of the body and little knowledge exists about the key role it plays within our bodies.

Over the past decade issues which have not responded to traditional medicine have resolved with myofascial release, but there was limited understanding why. The research being done now demonstrates this and our thinking regarding surgical intervention and over manipulation of joints is starting to change, where previously the surgeon is happy to cut away, we are finding ways to fix areas which are permanent damaged by the knife and still require as much time to rehab. Where joints complain and no amount of cracking helps, we are understanding why and more importantly how we can unload the joints with myofascial techniques.

We had seen issues resolve where general medicine is struggling. However, we do pay close attention to changes in the tissue and if this doesn't tie in with what we expect to see when we treat, we do refer on to other medical areas. Not everything is a fascial issue.

If I am honest, this is where much of the change takes place in treating soft tissue and it forms a large part when we apply our treatments. With research in this area bringing in new ideas we are continually expanding on this technique because we see the most change in tissue when we work the fascia. Feel free to pick our brains when you come in, we love to educate our clients and give a layman's understanding of complex systems.

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