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Remedial massage

Our sports massage clinic in Moorgate also offers remedial massage, for those who don't play sports but still need the benefits of a qualified sports massage therapist, we adapt our treatments to work with non-sports injuries. We are trained as Soft Tissue Therapists, a higher level of training then the industry standard of Sports Massage.

Remedial Massage

As we slowly lose our battle against gravity, changes in our posture result in the body's inability to heal a problem. Add to that the chemical imbalance stress causes in our bodies, it's no wonder we go home tried and aching after doing nothing all day. Remedial massage works wonders in these instances.

While sports massage has taken the headlines in recent years, remedial massage has been in the background quietly fixing folk, whether you play sports or not. Stuck in fixed positions for hours on end takes it toll. RSI, lower back pain, sore neck and shoulders have become accepted states of "living". Remedial massage coupled with an understanding of what caused the problem in the first place enables us to resolve as well as relieve symptoms of daily living.

Our aim is to treat the problem areas, give you some options on how to change those ailment-causing positions and work within your pain tolerance level.

Sports folk have high pain thresholds, but you don't need to feel intolerable pain to fix soft tissue problems. Simply, if you inflict pain the body's response is to tense up and form a shield, this means getting to the area of tissue where the problem sits becomes impossible and mostly likely the therapist will be fighting the shield and not treating the problem.

In the decade we have been treating tissue, we find more change happens when the treatment feels more gentle. We still work very deeply and will get into the areas which need help, but if we can do it without you tensing up all the better. This is good news for our clients as we've found we can effect more change in fewer sessions.

Back pain isn't for life, neither is RSI.

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