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 With close to 10,000 hours of information gathered in our hands from treating soft tissue problems and sports injuries: we know what feels normal; what is out of the ordinary and how tissue should respond when we apply certain techniques. We also get to see how certain techniques change tissue more than others and apply these according to our knowledge. This experience extends to the advice we give clients and their feedback to the effectiveness on the changes we make. We hope to pass on some of this intelligence over to you as an aid to your sport or to resolve some of the issues brought on by modern life-styles.



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In the press

Runners World, Men's Health, Channel 4, Cycling Active and Cycling.TV are some of the media channels we have worked with on articles either regarding sports massage or cycling. As the industry grows and moves, we are finding more and more interest in the articles we publish.


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Case studies

Sports Massage Case Studies

Whilst we are interested in everyone who walks through our door, some cases are challenging, others interesting and some useful for regular issues which can be easily resolved. Our reputation is built on resolving issues and love nothing more than a challenging, unresolved problem and are happy to share some of these challenges with you in the hope that you may learn or understand injuries a little better.

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We've been fixing cyclists at our sports massage clinic in Moorgate for over 15 years. While cycling is a great non-load bearing sport, it brings with it a great challenge in getting bike and body to work in harmony. From bike fitting, to choice of food on the bike, as cyclists ourselves we've been through the mill and in our articles on cycling we hope to share some of our trials and tribulations which may resolve some of the mysteries around such a great sport (we're not biased). Peta McSharry is a Level 2 Cycling Coach currently studying for level 3 and will be adding coaching plans to her skills in the next year.

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Running is at the heart of our sports massage clinic in Moorgate, whether you are chasing a PB, trying to get fit, escaping the stress or shedding a few extra pounds, running is such a natural thing to do and as the famous book said we were Born to Run. But often with it comes aches and pains and while sports massage is great for resolving and relieving issues, preventing injury is better. We'll share what we find in this area, as we'd rather you were on the road than on the couch. We treat many London Marathon runners and get all our runners to the start line. As marathons have grown more popular, we now treat marathon runners all year round.

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Our Sports Massage Clinic in Moorgate has been treating runners for over 15 years. Whether you're training for a marathon or putting your trainers on to run a half, a marathon or an ultra: at some point something is going to niggle; your legs are going to feel like sacks of sand; or your hamstrings / calves are going to feel tighter than a politician's wallet. Managing these symptoms can often take a bit of external intervention - a change to training, stretching, nutrition or just a good old sports massage. We will question fads and tell you what we see working in clinic, in the hope that running remains an enjoyable, injury free activity.

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We can't escape the perils of being lashed to a desk all day, but we can build in little changes allowing our bodies to cope with inactively being held in fixed positions, a very unnatural state for humans.The disparity between weekly non-activity and weekend activity causes some of the issues we see in our sports massage clinic in Moorgate.

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Sports massage treatments

After 15 years of sports massage and myofascial treatments, that's close to 20,000 hours of hands on time with Peta's clients, she gets to work on some very interesting cases. Many clients, especially those who are referred to Peta come because they are looking for a solution to a problem they have and are unable to find a permanent fix for the pain or niggles. Our aliments linger for a number of reasons and finding those reasons is key to how Peta treats and the success of getting people out of pain, playing sports better or recovering from major injury or surgery. Whilst we advertise as a sports massage therapists and possibly your here because you searched for sports massage, what we do is beyond sports massage. We'd like to give you an insight into the injuries Peta and her team treat and a little summary of some of the months we have in clinic. If you are suffering a long term issue previous seen by a physio or doctor but find the pain or the problem remains, please get in touch with Peta - or take a look at the reviews on Google.

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Sports Massage Zone

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