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Sports massage

Our sports massage clinic in Moorgate is a dedicated to providing you with the best sports massage techniques to get you back in good running order. We've provided sports massage in the City for 15 years and come highly recommended for fixing injuries and getting our sports and non-sports clients back to full fitness or function.

Sports Massage in Moorgate, Bank, Liverpool Street

As sports people we tend to push our bodies hard, short-changing it on recovery and sleep in the quest of balancing work, life and sport. Or in some cases fitting work and life around sport. Sports massage not only helps sort out injuries, it can keep you on track with your training plan.

Your goals drive our sports massage treatments. Are we dealing with an injury, helping through a heavy training period, or do you just simply need to liven up your legs before an event? As sports people ourselves, we know the value of a good sports massage but more importantly we know what works when. To this end we keep abreast of the developments in soft tissue work and our goals are to give you the best treatment depending on your needs. We take pride in fixing injuries or simply offering advice, for instance getting through your first marathon. Don't play sports? We have remedial massage training too, this is what you'll be after.

We have a large pool of knowledge and love nothing more than to impart our knowledge, you'll leave our treatment room with a better understanding of your body and in some instances why we are applying a certain technique

Return to play decisions can be hard to make, much of our success in resolving injuries comes from giving the right advice on how and when to start and then to ramp up training. We are conscious of loss of fitness during these periods and will offer alternative training options during injury periods.

Sports massage is not about getting your elbow stuck in as hard as possible and causing as much pain as possible. We believe that deep and hard are two very different things, we will work at the depth needed within your pain tolerance. If a technique is applied too hard, the tissue will contract and the therapists fingers/elbows won't be allowed to effect any change in the tissue. The key to a good sports and remedial massage is to effect a change in the tissues and then to ensure any rehab exercises are effective in changing the structure of the body back to a more normal state.

We monitor the changes taking place in your tissue and in subsequent treatments we look to see what changes have taken place, this guides our treatment and enables us to pick up on other areas which may need attention, for instance the building blocks (food to you and I) you're putting into your body which affect your tissue, your training and recovery or your training equipment.


Sports Massage Zone

Sports Massage Zone - Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Bank EC2
3rd Floor (Bell Court Dental Practice)
1 Throgmorton Avenue
London EC2N 2JJ



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