Covid procedures

Operating from a CQC regulated medical clinic and regulated by the ISRM to comply with PHE guidelines for close contact services, we aim to help you resolve any pain to the highest standards set for the massage industry.

Regulated sports massage therapists


We are regulated by the ISRM (Institute for Sports and Remedial Massage) the governing body for Soft Tissue Therapists. In consolation with PHE (Public Health England) and a medical health and safety officer, they provided us with our guidelines for treating clients and the standards we need to adhere to, ensure we do everything possible to keep you safe when you come in for a treatment. This will require some additional steps for you to take, so we hope you don't mind complying with our regulations. You're welcome to ask any questions regarding our practices, for instance taking through the cleaning protocols we follow between each client.

Medical grade treatment room

We operate from a medical grade treatment room, our floors do not have carpets, they are of the standard set by the CQC (who regulate the medical profession) and can be easily cleaned with disinfectant. We use disposable coach roll between each client and do not use any soft coverings where cross contamination can occur. Our cushions have plastic coverings and we use disinfectant advised by the Dentists' to clean all our coaches and cushions between each client.

External airflow

Our air conditioning system draws air directly from outside, flowing into each room without being recirculated through the building. This air is expelled to the outside of the building and we have windows to the clinic that can be opened for additional ventilation.

PPE requirements

We are required to wear both a face mask and a visor throughout the treatment and cleaning process and change our shirts between each client. Clients are required to wear a mask for the duration of the treatment and thus we suggest using one without the metal strip at the nose. We will accommodate you should you find it claustrophobic to lay face down in a mask by treating you in a different position. At all costs we will try to get you to keep the mask on for the duration of the treatment. We'd prefer a 3 layer system for your mask, if this is not possible, we can offer a solution for an additional layer of protection should you only have a fabric mask with you. If you don't have a mask we can provide one for you at an extra cost to your appointment fee.

Cleaning procedures

We are required to keep a minimum of 15 minutes between clients to clean and air the room, therefore we will still need to keep to our appointment times. We following the guidelines set by the ISRM regarding what needs to be cleaned, along with having additional input from the Dental clinic to meet their higher levels of PHE compliance, for instance their choice of cleaning products and client flow through the clinic.

Booking-in procedures

When you book in there will be some additional steps you need to take over an above our normal procedures, we'll advise on these when you book in as we will follow any changes required by the ISRM and PHE. We hope this gives you the confidence to book in with us and demonstrates our willingness to comply with PHE standards to ensure your safety.





Sports Massage Zone

Sports Massage Zone - Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Bank EC2
3rd Floor (Bell Court Dental Practice)
1 Throgmorton Avenue
London EC2N 2JJ



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