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Marathon MOT

Many of the injured runners we treat present with identifiable muscle imbalances and flexibility issues which could have been corrected at the start of training, rather than showing up as a problem when the miles ramp up. Instead of waiting for an injured athlete to arrive at our clinic, we've taken a proactive approach with our marathon MOTs and our marathon runners come back post event with great success stories.

Marathon MOT

Coupled with a handful of easy to follow remedial tasks, we offer a range of advice while we treat. The marathon MOT is a combination of testing, hand-ons treatment and some Sherlock Holmes questioning. At the end of the session we will give you a remedial plan to correct any issues which could be the barrier between you and the start-line.

We appreciate everyone has budget and time constraints and will offer the best options for getting treatment based on what you can afford. We give this advise as endurance athletes and not massage therapists, if you can only afford a few treatments we want you to have the one that make the biggest difference given your circumstances.

As endurance athletes ourselves, we also take an interest in all aspects of completing a marathon, from nutrition to race strategy and any advice in-between. We provide a return-to-training strategy for injured athletes, understanding athletes want to get back to training as fast as they can, this will include types of exercise if running is not possible in the short term to maintain cardiovascular fitness.

We apply fluidity to our sessions and will adapt them if your circumstances change, we're not applying a formula, we're listening to what you tell us and we'll treat and plan accordingly. If I was to run a marathon again, this is what I would do before I tied my shoes laces for my first run. I could not walk for 3 weeks after one of my marathons because I had some muscle imbalances brought on by a some broken and dislocated toes from a few years earlier, plus my mental toughness outwitted my ration thinking and I could have done with a third eye looking out for me.

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