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21 January 2013 In Running

To run faster you have to train faster. This means building speed work into your sessions. More often than not this will need a good core and some weight training. A good coach will give you a rounded plan to suit your goals. Knowing how to recover and preventing injury is key to sticking to your training plan.

19 January 2013 In Case studies

While impact in cycling is low (as long as you stay upright), repetition on the other hand can wreck havoc on joints, muscles or fascia. Treating such issues requires an in-depth understanding of cycling, the changes made to bike set up and understanding how muscle imbalances can play a pivotal role in getting to the bottom of a bad cycle.

18 January 2013 In Articles

What happens on a Sunday night must be a curious thing, where so many folk wake up on Monday morning with a pain in the neck. Is this a psychosomatic response to the impending doom of facing another work week, or is something more sinister at play?

18 January 2013 In Articles

Ever wondered why cowboys walk the way they do? Maybe not, but now you've read this, I bet you're curious.

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Sports Massage Zone

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