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27 January 2013 In Testimonials

"Your treatments were an integral part of my training, recovery and injury prevention"

I survived the marathon, despite the heat on the day, and finished with an official time of 3h:27m:15s. Needless to say, I was quite pleased with the result, having achieved all of my most ambitious time goals, and more importantly, sticking to my gameplan of going out at a very steady pace, and finishing strong (my last 3 miles were my fastest splits).

26 January 2013 In In the press

Runners World were researching whether sports massage works or not, what type of research is available to prove the benefits of sports massage and if anything, where are the differences in reality and research. Their lead into the article was based on analysis completed by Peta McSharry of some of the key research coming out a few years previously.

22 January 2013 In Testimonials

"I am serious - this woman is a wonder"

I can highly recommend Peta McSharry ... I am serious - this woman is a wonder! Very knowledgeable and a serious sportswoman herself (long distance cyclist), she gave me lots of tips as well as the massage. I went from barely able to walk on Monday and Tuesday to walking a mile on Wednesday, cycling on Thursday, pilates on Friday and cycling and a short run on Sunday. I would not have believed it possible. Sports massage is the best!

21 January 2013 In Running

Long, harder, faster. Striving for the ultimate goal to beat the last one brings on many challenges in it's own right. Training for the big one isn't just about time commitments to train - food, sleep, kit choice, recovery, social sacrifice, crunching the numbers all play a part.

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